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Lumineers Dental Vivaneers™ in Washington, DC

At University Centre Dental Associates, Dr. Maurice Haynes offers lumineers as part of his top-notch general dental services for local residents in and around Washington, DC, including residents in Greenbelt, MD, and Bowie, MD, as well as Prince George’s County, Montgomery County, and Anne Arundel County.

Lumineers have been around for more than 30 years, enhancing smiles and brightening faces. Many dentists across the country recommend lumineers, resulting in more than 1 million lumineer units being placed. Many celebrities also have transformed their smiles with lumineers, although you may never know it because of their natural look.

What Are Lumineers?

Lumineers are a specific type of dental veneer that are constructed differently than traditional Vivaneers™. Lumineers are designed to be ultra-thin and highly translucent, which allows them to mimic the natural appearance of tooth enamel. Traditional Vivaneers™ are much thicker and require some grinding of the original tooth structure; however, lumineers are so thin, they require little to no tooth grinding.

How Long Do Lumineers Last?

Clinical testing has proven that lumineers are durable enough to withstand 20 or more years of wear.

Can Lumineers Be Removed?

Because there is no grinding involved in placing them on the teeth, they are completely reversible, as the normal, healthy teeth remain intact.

How Is a Lumineers Procedure Performed?

On the patient’s first visit to University Centre Dental Associates, Dr. Maurice Haynes will create a precise mold of the patient’s teeth. Together with the patient, he will determine the shade of white that is best. Later, he will send the mold to a lab that will create the custom lumineers.

When he receives the lumineers from the lab, he will check them for fit and shade. During the patient’s second visit, the lumineers are applied without the use of shots or drilling of sensitive tooth structure.

Why Choose Dr. Maurice Haynes of University Centre Dental Associates?

Dr. Maurice Haynes stays up-to-date on the newest advances and technologies in the field of dentistry in order to provide his patients with the best care possible. He combines excellent dental services with compassion and is an active member of the American Dental Association.

How Much Do Lumineers Cost in Greenbelt, MD?

The cost for lumineers varies. Please schedule a consultation with University Centre Dental Associates to discuss your particular case.

Your dental insurance may cover the cost of lumineers. Because every policy is different, the staff at University Centre Dental Associates will review your information and help determine the status of your lumineers coverage.

We provide financing through CareCredit® as an option for any out-of-pocket lumineers costs you may have. University Centre Dental Associates also offers a variety of payment methods to help make the process easier for our lumineers patients.

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How Do I Schedule a Consultation?

Please call 301-220-1900 today to schedule your initial consultation!The general dental and orthodontic services we offer at University Centre Dental Associates have improved the lives of people from in and around Washington, DC, including residents in Greenbelt, MD, and Bowie, MD, as well as Prince George’s County, Montgomery County, and Anne Arundel County. Whether you are an adult, a child, or a teenager, our knowledgeable staff is committed to helping you achieve the smile you deserve.