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For many people, braces are a necessary part of life. Although bringing the teeth into proper alignment may feel like a hassle, it will be better for overall dental health in the long-run. Unfortunately, many people shy away from or begrudge their braces due to their very obvious appearance. For teenagers, wearing braces may make them feel socially outcast, while for adults, wearing braces may make them feel like they’re back in middle school. If this is true for you or someone in your family, you may be curious about invisible braces.


Understanding Invisible Braces

Invisible braces are custom-fitted retainers. Although there are a variety of invisible braces available, Dr. Haynes uses clear aligners in her practice. Made of clear plastic, they are far less visible than their metal counterparts. In addition to being relatively undetectable, they are typically more comfortable than traditional braces and are far less of a hassle during mealtimes. Individuals with invisible braces need only take out their trays during meals, which means that sticky and hard foods are not off limits, as they are for those with traditional braces.

In order to progress with the treatment, it is important to wear the invisible braces for 20-22 hours of the day. Every two weeks, the trays will be switched out, to support the teeth in moving into proper alignment.


Who Is a Good Candidate?

Invisible braces are suitable for a wide range of patients. However, we believe that they are best suited for teens and adults with mild to moderately crowded teeth and minor spacing issues. More severe crowding issues or bite problems may need a more involved method of treatment.

Invisible Braces in Washington, DC

Ultimately, the best way to determine whether invisible braces are right for you is to schedule a consultation. Dr. Elizabeth Haynes is a skilled and experienced orthodontist, who can provide a thoughtful and thorough recommendation based on your specific needs.


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