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Imagine this: after years of navigating life with braces, the day finally arrives when the metal wires can be removed and your beautiful, aligned smile can shine through. It’s an exciting time. Finally, a whole world of foods can be added back into your diet, and your mouth is free to do as it pleases. But then, you hear the news: you need to wear a retainer. Shocked? Don’t be. There are plenty of reasons to wear a retainer after braces.

Preserve Your Hard Work

Although wearing a retainer can feel like a pain, there is a good reason to wear this device. While wearing braces, the bones and ligaments had to adjust to a new position. When the braces come off, the teeth are at risk of sliding back into their old place. Wearing a retainer will help remind the teeth exactly where they need to be until the body has adjusted.

Without a retainer, you may be frustrated to discover that your years of wearing braces were for nothing, as your teeth will eventually return to their original position. We know that no one wants that to happen, which is why we remind our patients of the importance of their retainers.

What Kind of Retainer Will I Wear?

There are two major kinds of retainers: permanent or removable. A permanent retainer will fit behind the teeth and be bonded into place. Since the patient cannot access it, it will remain there until the orthodontist decides it is time to remove it. On the other hand, a removable retainer fits around the front of the teeth and can be removed for activities such as eating. However, since this kind of retainer can be removed by the patient, it requires a greater amount of dedication to remember to wear it according to the recommendations.

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