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If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times… flossing your teeth daily is an important part of oral health. Unfortunately, many people find this the most challenging step in keeping their teeth and gums looking and feeling their best. What’s the big hype? What exactly are the benefits of flossing daily? Allow us to explain.


Removes Plaque

One of the main benefits of flossing is that it can remove plaque between the teeth. By removing plaque daily, you’ll prevent plaque buildup which can lead to tartar later on. Plaque removal also prevents tooth decay and reduces the risk of developing gum disease. Considering one out of every eight Americans has some form of gum disease, you may want to step up your flossing game to avoid this very real possibility.

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Cleans Hard to Reach Spaces

While brushing twice a day is a great practice, flossing ultimately provides a more comprehensive mouth cleaning. Floss can reach those food particles between the teeth that you may not be able to access with a toothbrush, leaving your teeth looking brighter and better than before. Removing food also prevents gingivitis–the first stage of gum disease.


Improves Gum Health

Many individuals fear that flossing will irritate their gums and cause them to bleed more. However, this is simply not true. In fact, flossing actually improves the health of the gums, so that they do not bleed as easily. Although your gums may bleed initially if you have not flossed in a while, this will quickly subside as your mouth acclimates to the flossing experience. Flossing also allows you to check for any swelling or redness in the gums, which can be signs of other health problems.


Assists in Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Although there is no specific study linking flossing to weight, anecdotal evidence shows that those who floss after a meal are less likely to snack. This decrease in snacking could lead to weight loss or weight maintenance.


The best news about flossing is that it is never too late to start. At University Centre Dental Associates, we encourage all of our patients to floss daily for maximum teeth and gum health. If you have questions about your dental hygiene and are seeking advice you can trust, we are here to help.


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