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Orthodontics in Beltsville, MD

For those seeking straight and healthy teeth in Beltsville, MD, University Centre Dental Associates is proud to provide expert orthodontics care for teens and adults who want a healthy-looking smile.

What Is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a highly specialized type of dentistry dedicated to aligning the jaw and teeth for a healthy and normal bite and a more pleasing aesthetic appearance. Orthodontists use braces, oral surgery, and other dental techniques to adjust bite problems, missing or maloccluded teeth, and the complications that such conditions can produce.

What Are the Benefits of Orthodontics?

While orthodontics usually takes several years to completely realign the teeth or jaw, the effects are permanent and can help to prevent future jaw and tooth problems. In addition to keeping the teeth and jaw safe and straight, orthodontic treatment produces a nice straight smile that can help boost your personal appearance and your self-esteem.

Why Straighten Teeth?

Crooked teeth are more difficult to keep clean. They can grind against each other and cause pain, premature cavities, and other issues. Misaligned jaws can cause debilitating pain, speech impediments, difficulty eating and many other side effects that can be corrected with expert orthodontic treatment.

About University Centre Dental Associates

The experts at University Centre Dental Associates are proud to bring their skills and knowledge to the residents of Beltsville, MD, for compassionate and experienced orthodontic care.

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Written by University Centre Dental Associates November 7, 2014